Traffic Bureau

The Traffic Bureau is a highly responsive unit with the overall goal of increasing safety for motorists traveling in Neptune Township. Communication is welcome and encouraged from any of our residents who may have traffic concerns, parking questions or any inquiries regarding motor vehicles.

The Traffic Bureau is responsible for:

  • Investigation of Serious and Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • Oversee all Crash and DWI Reports
  • Site Plan Reviews and Inspections
  • Issuing of Temporary Handicap Permits
  • Working with Professional Standards to maintain grants for the various initiatives
  • Installation and Inspection of Child Car Seats
  • Taxi and Tow Truck Inspection
  • Coordinating Crossing Guards
  • Maintenance and Training of Electronic Ticketing and Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR)
  • Training and Maintenance of Speed Radars and Alcotest Instruments
  • Maintenance and Placement of Speed Radar Signs and Speed Humps
  • Traffic Control at all Township events
  • Implementation of Move Over Signs

One of the most critical undertakings of the Traffic Bureau in recent years has been the town-wide Traffic Calming Initiative. This has been a long-term effort to slow down motorists in problem areas and improve overall safety for pedestrians and motorists alike. The initiative has consisted of Speed Radar Signs for awareness and data collection, temporary and permanent Speed Humps, as well as targeted enforcement utilizing Patrol Officers and Special Law Enforcement Officers. Data collected by the Speed Radar Signs has shown marked improvement in all of the problem locations that the initiative has targeted.

Traffic Bureau Statistics (2020):

  • 4,317 Total Summonses Issued
  • 1,517 Moving Violations
  • 2,393 Non-Moving Violations
  • 364 Parking Summonses
  • 61 DWI Arrests
  • 1,512 Motor Vehicle Crash Reports

To apply for a Temporary Handicap Permit, click here.

Questions or concerns regarding the Traffic Bureau can be directed to:

Lt. James MacConchie

(732) 988-8000 ext. 433