The Neptune Township Police Department was named an Accredited Agency on March 10th, 2016 and was Re-Accredited on March 14th, 2019.

In order achieve Accredited status, the department proved compliance with 105 standards. For the full list of the standards met in order to achieve Accredited Status, click here. In addition, a team of assessors from the NJ State Association of Chiefs of Police completed an on-site inspection of our headquarters, staff, and policies. The assessors were continually impressed during the inspection by the high level of security, attention to detail and organization of the NTPD headquarters and staff, leading to a completely positive on-site review. Accreditation is valid for a three-year period during which the agency must provide annual updates ensuring continued compliance.

The Accreditation program requires the department to comply with the best practice standards in five areas: Administration, Operations, Investigation, Personnel and Arrestee/Detainees Functions.

This process was undertaken due to the substantial benefits it offers:

  • Greater Accountability due to Written Directives
  • More Consistency and Effective Deployment of Personnel
  • Significant Insurance Premium Discounts
  • Stiffer Defense against Civil Lawsuits and Complaints
  • Decrease in Frivolous Legal Action

Questions regarding Accreditation can be directed to:

Capt. Kevin O'Donnell, Accreditation Manager

(732) 988-8000 ext. 414